2018 - Ending the Ecclesial Crisis: Diabolical Disorientation in the Church: A Diagnosis

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Christopher A. Ferrara: Diabolical Disorientation in the Church: A Diagnosis
Christopher A. Ferrara concluded the day’s talks with an incisive analysis of the results of the abandonment of the use of reason by leaders in the Church. In his “Diagnosis of the Diabolical Disorientation in the Church” he suggests that the good news may be that the pontificate of Francis represents the final stage in this eclipse of reason. He ultimately proposes some remedies for faithful Catholics in this unprecedented crisis in the Church. Chris Ferrara is President and Chief Counsel for the American Catholic Lawyers Association. He is a prolific writer for Catholic magazines and periodicals; he is active in the pro-life movement; his latest book is The Great Facade: The Regime of Novelty in the Catholic Church from Vatican II to the Francis Revolution (Second Edition).

The Conference album also includes the Sunday homily by Bishop Schneider on “The Necessity and Value of Prayer in Our Lives,” and a lively and wide-ranging Question and Answer session that lasted almost two hours.

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