2019 Monterey Conference: Addressing the Clergy Crisis: When Shepherds Become Wolves by Christopher Ferrara

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In this lecture, “Addressing the Clergy Crisis: When Shepherds Become Wolves,” Christopher Ferrara, JD surveys Pope Francis’ positions on central moral issues and argues that the Pope and the bishops are steering the Church with complete disregard for doctrine, holy scripture and tradition. Specifically, this lecture features an in-depth analysis of Francis’ teachings on the ‘sins of the flesh,’ and weighs the grave consequences this errant moral leniency will bear for society, the family and the priesthood. Mr. Ferrara demonstrates that Catholics face the risk of spiritual and physical harm because Church leaders condone, or worse, predatory and homosexual clergy. The lecture concludes with the ‘hopeful prognosis’ that the Church has survived many internal threats and provides examples where the laity today are rising up to defend the traditions and doctrine of the Church.

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