2020 Monterey Conference: I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church by Fr. Joseph Illo

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In this talk titled, "I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church," Fr. Joseph Illo exhorts the faithful to rely on God alone and to respond to these times of doubt by undertaking great spiritual works and by persevering in personal responsibilities. Fr. Illo argues that God is permitting scandal and apostasy in the Church to train and strengthen His People. Fr. Illo continues that infidelity to the Catholic Faith has bred despair that is manifesting as substance abuse and spiritual torpor. The answer for both priests and the laity is honest manual labor. This labor should manifest as prayer, for prayer is the work of the Lord. Secondly, priests and laity should labor to meet personal responsibilities. Fr. Illo concludes with a call for great spiritual efforts and exhorts the faithful to seek sanctity.

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