A Catholic Reads The Bible - Album - 10 parts

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In this ten part series Father Richard Gilsdorf covers such topics as modern understandings of the Bible, the importance of the Eucharist, and the Virgin Mary.

A Catholic Reads The Bible - Part 01: Origin of The Bible
In this first lecture in the series, Father Richard Gilsdorf responds to the growing problem of young people leaving the Church. Father Gilsdrof begins by informing us of the origin of the Bible and convincing us of its inerrancy. He states that lack of doctrinal formation is the cause of the great masses of people who have left their faith behind..

A Catholic Reads The Bible - Part 02: No Private Interpretation
In this second part of the ten part series lecture series, Father Gilsdorf offers the answer to the question of private interpretations of the Scriptures is to realize that the Scriptures are the Word of God as revealed through the instrumentality of the Catholic Church. As a consequence, the Bible should be studied in the light of the Magisterium (Catholic Doctrine) and Tradition. Otherwise, private interpretation apart from the guidance and teaching authority of the Catholic Church, from whom the Bible came to begin with, results in confusion and error.

A Catholic Reads The Bible - Part 03: The Beauty of The Eucharist
In this third lecture, Father Richard Gilsdorf begins a series of four talks on the beauty of the Eucharist. Father Gilsdorf shows how the Old Testament has all the signs of the coming of the Eucharist. Just as the blood, lamb, and sacrifice are fulfilled in Christ, so too is the manna the first bread from Heaven.

A Catholic Reads The Bible - Part 04: Christ's Promise of The Eucharist
In this fourth part of the series, Father Richard Gilsdorf speaks of the promise Our Lord gave to his people of the Holy Eucharist. This manna of the Old Testament is now renewed in Christ. Furthermore, Christ's multiplication of the loaves is a prefiguring of what is one day to come in his most holy Eucharist. This lecture clearly lays out the sings in the Old and New Testaments that God has given his people to understand the promise of the Eucharist.

A Catholic Reads The Bible - Part 05: Actualization of Christ In The Eucharist
In this fifth part of the series Father Richard Gilsdorf analyses St. Paul's account in 1 Cor. Ch. 10, where he gives us the best account of Passover, the nature of the participation at the altar and actual institution of the Last Supper. Father Gilsdorf manages to draw out great truths from the words "Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again." His explanation will help any listener grow in their understanding of the actualization of Christ in the Eucharist.

A Catholic Reads The Bible - Part 06: Biblical Meaning of Blood
This sixth lecture covers an animating theme, concerning blood. Father Richard Gilsdorf traces the meaning of blood in Old Testament times with its meaning now in the Eucharist. However, Father Gilsdorf analyzes not only the Old Testament, but other ancient writings, like those of Homer, where the sacrificial quality of blood was still strongly understood. This lecture educates it's listeners on the vast culture of sacrificial blood that existed before Christ, and allows one to see how necessity and beauty of Christ's continued sacrifice on the altar.

A Catholic Reads The Bible - Part 07: The Sacred Heart of Jesus
In this lecture Father Richard Gilsdorf brings his conversation on the meaning of blood to its 'reservoir' in the very Heart of Jesus. Father Gilsdorf cross-references Ezekiel, Zechariah with the Gospel of St. John (Ch. 7 and 9) to describe the scriptural meaning of the heart. This lecture beautifully expresses how the we are "cisterns into which the Master pours His Love" emphasizing how God's love for his children is without end.

A Catholic Reads The Bible - Part 08: The Immaculate Heart of Mary
In this eighth lecture, Father Richard Gilsdorf analyzes all relevant passages to the subject of the Blessed Virgin Mary, putting them together to prove that there is a great deal of evidence to show Mary's importance and significance in scripture, stating that Mary is the "Summa of the Church." This lecture helps to educate Catholics on how to understand the role of Mary in her relationship with her most holy Son.

A Catholic Reads The Bible - Part 09: The Church as "Communion"
In this penultimate lecture, Father Gilsdorf analyzes the 'an extraordinary Synod' which had to be called to settle the misunderstandings that were becoming widespread concerning Vatican II. Father Richard Gilsdorf discusses the breech between Holland and Poland, where the problem lies with the interpretation of Vatican II. Father Gilsdorf therefore searches scripture for a better understanding of the important word "communion," and how we can work to be in holy communion with the Holy Trinity.

A Catholic Reads The Bible - Part 10: Dr. Marra Interviews Father Gilsdorf on the Bible
In this final lecture, Dr. William Marra closes with a discussion of Tradition, which was central to both Old and New Testament, and of the faulty notion in the modern world that Catholics feel they can read scripture without the guidance of the Catholic Church. Father Gilsdorf has shown how one must have holy scripture, sacred tradition and the magisterium. This recording is a summary of the previous nine tapes and is a great aid in gathering together the many facts and arguments which were offered over the lecture series.

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