2007 - Assessing the Spiritual Effects of 40 Years of Warfare Within the Church- Album - Monterey Conference

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Assessing the Spiritual Effects of 40 Years of Warfare Within the Church
Father James Buckley, FSSP, Dr. Ronald McArthur and Edwin Faust are the featured speakers in this audio album from the 2007 Monterey Conference.

Perennial Issues in Spiritual Direction for Catholics of Tradition
Because of Original Sin, man's powers to act virtuously have been wounded. His reason is infected with ignorance, his will with malice and his passions with weakness and concupiscence. These truths have been forgotten over the past forty years, while the truth of his natural goodness has been exaggerated more and more. Listen to Father James Buckley's wisdom on these topics. Classic Father Buckley spiritual guidance!

Reason, Revelation and the Church
The Catholic Church has always been an advocate of human reason. Unlike the Enlightenment thinkers, however, She has always taught that reason is properly subordinated to Revelation. Dr. Ronald McArthur examines the role reason has played in the Church since its foundation. He shows that no one has been as sensible as the Catholic Church in evaluating the role of human intelligence. This address was given at the 2007 Monterey California conference

Priestly Clericalism Among Catholics of Tradition
Mr. Edwin Faust explains that we now stand in relation to the Church like the abandoned children of a mother gone mad. For sometime now we have had to devise means of defending ourselves. Some have managed well, others not so well. But we are all acutely conscious of the abnormality of our situation. We feel suspended between the Church that was and the Church that will be, and lost in the no-man's-land of the Church that is. But this is our time, the only time we have.

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