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In this 15 part series, Archbishop Fulton Sheen gives a moving retreat for people everywhere, inspiring and teaching the faithful in a moving and memorable series of talks on the life of Christ, Our Blessed Mother, Saint Peter and the majesty and mystery of the Mass.

1 - Misunderstanding the World
Archbishop Fulton Sheen commences this retreat enlightening us about the misunderstanding over the word "world." There is a difference between being "in the world" and being "of the world." He brilliantly shows how Catholics became confused about Christ and his Church.

2 - Jesus, the Eternal Priest
Archbishop Fulton Sheen tells his audience that "Who do you say that I am?" will be the theme of this retreat. Christ's first words were "Come and see" and His last words were "Go and preach." In this lecture, he speaks of Jesus, the Eternal Priest. Archbishop Fulton Sheen reflects on Christ's victimhood, His Nature as a Man and His Nature as God.

3 - The Drama of the Mass
Archbishop Fulton Sheen emphasizes that Christ must always be the center of our spirituality through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as we make our way through this world, this Theatre of Redemption.

4 - Memorial of the Cross
Archbishop Fulton Sheen passionately explains, in his inimitable style, how the Offertory, Consecration and Communion portray a Christ who's both Priest and Victim. Archbishop Fulton Sheen's imagery is compelling. He shows how we are not only giving ourselves to Christ but we are giving ourselves to be related to the Cross.

5 - The Denial of Sin
Archbishop Fulton Sheen makes an undeniable statement with great charm: "Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin." He draws from scripture and his own experiences with several fascinating stories to clarify his theme. Denial of sin is the unforgivable sin of our time and brings us far from God.

6 - Triple Transference
Archbishop Fulton Sheen teaches us that through the triple transference of physical, mental, and moral sufferings, Christ took upon Himself the burdens and sorrows of men.

7 - Persevering Prayer
Archbishop Fulton Sheen expounds on the absolute necessity of a holy hour every day, especially for priests and religious. He will hold you in his grip as he proves to you that if you're not careful, you'll be lost without even knowing it.

8- The Incarnation
Do you have a body for Me? With this intriguing question, Archbishup Fulton Sheen portrays Christ as someone Who taught, governed and sanctified and Who is continually looking for souls in which to dwell - beautiful!

9 - The Passion of Christ
Our Faith is living and vital, and when we sin we offend Christ. The Passion is an eternal moment: "The Lamb slain from the beginning of the world but it is worked out like a reel on a motion picture machine". What a beautiful image; and there are many more in this excellent talk by Archbishop Fulton Sheen!

10 - Power of the Resurrection
Archbishop Fulton Sheen skillfully describes the three wombs from which we are born: our physical birth, our birth in Baptism, and our birth into Eternity. Archbishop Fulton Sheen tells us gripping stories of "resurrection" in peoples' lives. He tells us that because of the Resurrection, we know where we are going so our lives can be filled with joy.

11 - The Betrayal of Judas
Archbishop Fulton Sheen reflects on the betrayal of Jesus. Judas, one of the chosen Apostles, was the one who betrayed Our Lord with a kiss.

12 - The Power of the Devil in the World Today
Archbishop Fulton Sheen reminds us that the Devil is real and the Prince of Darkness has real power in this world through the temptation to do away with the Cross.

13 - Mary, Mother and Spouse
It is well known how much Bishop Sheen loves Mary! He speaks of her as: "dream" mother and spouse. You can just imagine how intense the drama as he reads poetry and discusses Mary as a victim and belonging to the royal priesthood. The emotion heightens as he speaks of the Marriage Feast of Cana! 14 - The Hour of Testing
”Come down from the cross and we'll believe!" Archbishop Fulton Sheen asks where are we going and what can we do about it? He shows how we have had four "deaths" in Christian history and discusses eloquently the three classes of people in the world: the wise, the knaves and the fools. Sheen says God is testing us and it's a wonderful time to be living!

15 - The Fall and Conversion of Peter
Archbishop Fulton Sheen reminds us that the Apostle Peter denied Christ; but his sorrow and repentance led to Forgiveness and Sanctity for our First Pope.

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