Catholics on the Global Auction Block - Album

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Part 01 - Sacred Emperors, Sacred Founders, Sacred Democracy and Fraudulent Separation of Church and State

Catholics, Dr. John Rao argues, do not benefit from the so-called separation of Church and State regularly claimed as central to American political life. Why? Because the Americanist Religion and State are more profoundly tied together in the United States than the Catholic Faith was linked with the late Roman Empire and the various monarchies of Christendom. Moreover, to make matters worse, many Catholics fail to see this truth and therefore praise the American brand of Caesaro-Papism with just as great (if not more) enthusiasm than misled adulators of emperors and kings in the past.  

Part 02 - Juring Patriots: The Systematic Conversion of American Catholics into Virtual Freemasons

Many heroic Catholics in France gave their lives to defend the Church and its cause during the Revolution. Today, Mr. Michael Matt argues, this spirit of openness to martyrdom is missing. This is due to a large degree to the fact that American Catholics no longer understand their Faith. What they defend and are willing to die for is the kind of religion acceptable to the Freemasons of the 18th Century whose errors their French co-religionists so bravely fought.  

Part 03 - Uncle Tom's Catholics: The Selling out of the Church to Americanism

 Americanism is, as Mr. Christopher Ferrara demonstrates, a religion of Nation, Constitution and Democracy which has regularly taught doctrines antithetical to everything Catholicism cherishes most. So subtle and effective has it been that Catholics have ended not only by not fighting off its unacceptable doctrines, but by actually becoming some of its most fervent adherents and cheerleaders. This was already crystal clear by the end of the nineteenth century in expressions of wild, anti-Catholic superpatriotism at the time of the Spanish-American War.  

Taken from a 3-part series: Catholics on the Global Auction Block - 2006 Roman Forum Conference

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