Christian Morality - Album

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In this 3-part series on Christian Morality," Monsignor William Smith defines Christian Morality and addresses the issue of Human Rights vs Homosexual Rights, and the connection to Doctrine as the true basis of freedom.

Christian Morality: The True Basis For Freedom
Monsignor William Smith will hold your attention with his humor and intelligence while filling you with so many facts and anecdotes for your apostolate! Sacred doctrine makes sound morality along with God's covenant of love and life: this is true freedom. Find out why.

The Difference between Human Rights and Homosexual "Rights"
Monsignor Smith addresses the burning issue of so-called Homosexual "Rights." Building on Aquinas, no one has the "right" to do wrong, and it is those who claim such rights who are defining themselves by their sinful behavior, and creating discrimination.

Christian Morality Is Not Separated from Doctrine
Attention! Are we made in God's image or are we making God into our own image? Monsignor William Smith humorously explains that the merchants of confusion, with their verbal engineering, forget that we came from God and we go back to God, and therefore we do not own our body.

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