Exposing Modernity's Myths - The Myth of “Religious Liberty” - Monterey Conference 2008

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The Myth of “Religious Liberty”
Christopher Ferrara discusses the true nature of Liberty, starting with Plato and Aristotle, and continuing with Christ, Who tells us that "the Truth will set you free" It is only this understanding that allows us to penetrate the "myth" of "religious liberty" commonly held up as an ideal today. What is the role of the state and democracy in perpetuating the tyranny of excessive "freedom" and "liberty" vs the society and individual guided by right reason and truth. The theology of Locke is the basis upon which the American republic and its conception of Religious Liberty is based. America was not in any real sense founded as a "Christian" nation, and in fact was founded on the idea that there is no such thing as "One True Faith."

Recorded at the Monterey Latin Mass Conference 2008.

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