Part 04 - Losing the Purification Struggle

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Many Catholics in the interwar period were in practice devoted to Liberalism, Americanism, Fascism, and even Soviet Communist ideas. Others were concerned to understand why the new forces of Fascism and Soviet Communism should be so popularly appealing. At least one form of what became known as Personalism provided an explanation. It claimed that all "vital," "energetic," popular forces demonstrated the presence of the Holy Spirit, urging Catholics to "give witness" to what they were saying and allow them to converge into a new a greater understanding of what Christianity "really means." This ultimately would lead to a selling-out of the vision of Christ as King to the willful demands of modernity. All of the leaders of Second Vatican Council's changes came to maturity in the interwar period, serving as agents for this unfortunate change. Presented in Gardone, Italy in July of 2018.

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