Men’s Retreat- Album

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A four-part retreat for men by Father John Perricone.

Men’s Retreat: Part 1
In the first talk of a four-part Men’s Retreat, Fr. John Perricone teaches that the Lord is found on the cross and exhorts men to live by the guidance of the Church for the Truth sets men free to live in joy. Fr. Perricone summons men to join with the Lord in the fight for the salvation of their souls and to beg God for the weapons of Grace to overcome entrenched sins. Fr. Perricone teaches on several themes including the importance of friendship, the practice of prayer and the formula for sainthood.

Men’s Retreat: Part 2
In the second talk of a four-part Men’s Retreat, Fr. John Perricone continues on the theme that love is proved by actions and provides specific guidance on forming concrete resolutions. Fr. Perricone deftly integrates themes and passages from The Divine Comedy and Oedipus Rex to illustrate the consequences of character formation, free choice and the contemplative life. Above all other pursuits, Fr. Perricone exhorts, speak to Lord through prayer and study the Catechism of the Holy Mother Church.

Men’s Retreat: Part 3
In the third talk of a four-part Men’s Retreat, Fr. John Perricone reviews the encyclical, Dominus Jesus, which decrees that redemption is found only through Jesus Christ. Fr. Perricone presents a historical perspective on the false theology that rejects the hegemony of the Catholic Church and ultimately led the missionary orders to forsake all efforts to bring the Truth and redemption of Catholicism to pagan peoples. Dominus Jesus condemns this movement and combats the false teaching with the Truths that mankind is redeemed through Jesus Christ and, secondly, that Christ and the Catholic Church are one and indivisible. This talk includes a question and answer segment and a presentation on the Montfort Academy, a Catholic high school taught in the classical tradition.

Men’s Retreat: Part 4 b>
In the fourth talk of a four-part Men’s Retreat, Fr. John Perricone summarizes the key points of the retreat and provides guidance for the return to life after the retreat. Specifically, Fr. Perricone recommends the daily practice of spiritual reading, frequent study of the Catechism and continually striving for sainthood. This talk concludes with a question and answer segment with the retreat participants.

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