Protestant Lives, Protestant Thought - Album

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In this three part-series, "Protestant Lives, Protestant Thought," Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand describes the personality of Martin Luther, Kierkegaard's critique of Martin Luther, and the nature of Ethics and Religion.

The Personality of Martin Luther
Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand tackles a necessary but difficult subject: the personality of Luther and his troubled psychology. Anyone familiar with Luther's language and his increasing paranoia and conviction of impending disaster knows how much a study of his personal relationship with God, sin, penance, the German people, and nature as a whole is essential to understanding the whole of the Reformation.

Kierkegaard's Critique of Martin Luther
Kierkegaard, the great nineteenth century existentialist religious writer, was himself an Evangelical Christian. Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand discusses here the Danish philosopher's critique of the first Protestant reformer.

Ethics and Religion
Philosophical discussions of morality are "ethical" in character. Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand treats here of the way in which they relate to theology, spiritual matters, and religion in general.

Taken from: Protestant Rebellion and Catholic Reform (1517-1648) - 1997 Von Hildebrand Institute

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