The City, The Intellect, the Church, and the Stage - Album

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Part 01 - The City, The Intellect, and the Stage

Dr. John Rao introduces this series by explaining how the Church worked together with classical Greek and Roman understandings of the importance of city life, reason, and the literary genius to lead men from out of the darkness of the cave to the Light of Truth.

Part 02: The City, Virtue, and the Path To God

Dr. Jeffrey Bond continues with particular emphasis upon the city and political authority. Here, he illustrates a point that unites Greeks and Christians from Solon the Lawgiver through St. Thomas: the necessity of community life for the perfection of the individual and the building of virtue. It is this union of individual and community that has been broken by modern Protestant and Enlightenment thought. 

Part 03: The Church and The Stage

Dr. David Allen White presents a sympathetic critique of the role of the theater in the life of the Christian. While clearly favorable to the union of stage and Church, Dr. White indicates that the problems of "masquerade" and evocation of the reality of wickedness can cause difficulties for the theatrical audience.

These talks were given at a New York City Conference entitled: The City, the Intellect, the Church and the Stage - 1998 VonHildebrand Winter Seminar 

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