The Fundamentals of Moral Theology: Album

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This full 10-part course from the renowned Monsignor William Smith, S.T.D. examines the fundamental principles of Moral Theology. Monsignor Smith was a wonderful priest, a pro-life lecturer, a brilliant scholar, and moral theologian at St Joseph’s Seminary (Dunwoodie). He helped found the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars in order to provide a sense of solidarity in the midst of crisis and served as President from 1981 to 1983.

1. Principles Fundamental to Moral Theology.
2. Sound Morals as The Fruit of Sound Doctrine.
3. The Teaching of Saint Thomas Aquinas/The Principle of Double Effect.
4. Situation Ethics vs. the Norm of External Morality, or Law.
5. Religious Liberty in the Civil Order and the Documents of Vatican II.
6. Conscience – Distinctions Between the Correct, Certain, Erroneous and Doubtful Conscience.
7. Medical Ethics – Medical, Moral and Legal Applications of “Ordinary and Extraordinary Means.”
8. The Right to Life and Distinctions Between Self-Defense, Capital Punishment and the Just War.
9. Human Sexuality in the Context of Virtue and Within the Covenant of Marriage.
10. The Virtue of Religion: The Obligations of the Lord’s Day. The Rights and Duties of Parents and Schools Concerning the Education of Children.

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