Setting Right a World Turned Upside Down 05 - Vatican II as a Crisis of Official Theology

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Dr. Thomas Pink, professor of philosophy at King’s College in London, talks about how errors in the Church’s currently official theology have a root cause in the denial of the vital importance of the union of Church and State and of the role of Baptism. He proposes that instead of aiming for “dialogical harmony” with those who remain in the dominion of Satan, the Church’s duty is to convert the unconverted. And when those goals are contradicted by distortions of Catholic doctrine, our duty is to battle against official theology when it is nonsense.

Setting Right a World Turned Upside Down: Transformation in Christ Versus a Sickness Unto Death
The 2107 Gardone conference featured such speakers as Drs. John Rao, Thomas Pink, Thomas Stark, Clemens Cavallin, Joseph Shaw, Chris Feraara, and more speaking on the roots of the current crisis in the Church.

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