Decoding the Demonic 2- Vatican II Documents and Their Influence in the Church - March 2007 NJ Conference

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Fr. Goodwin discusses, “Vatican II Documents and Their Influence in the Church.” This lecture is anchored upon the central truth, upheld through millennia and affirmed by the young saints, that the Catholic faith is wholly available to the mind of the child. This is not true of Vatican II theology. The documents pertaining to the council convey inventive, subjective and anthropocentric directives. How can the faithful know and love the Church when the message of Christ is shrouded in falsities? To understand the current state of affairs, Fr. Goodwin looks at pivotal events in 1960, 1974, 1988 and 1998. To safeguard the future, Fr Goodwin summons Catholics to uphold tradition and to pray for victory.

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