End-Times for Islam? - from Has the Final Battle Begun?: Monterey 2016

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End-Times for Islam?
Mr. Robert Reilly gives a deeply informed analysis of the Muslim faith and its history, current strengths and weaknesses, and its apocalyptic trajectory in the light of the timeless truths of its ancient enemy, the Catholic Church. He also addressed the folly and futility of the ongoing “dialogue” that many in the hierarchy trumpet and, with blindness to its real hazards, believe is a fruitful project. Mr. Reilly is the author of The Closing of the Muslim Mind, Director of the Westminster Institute, participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 as Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of information, and served in the White House as a Special Assistant to the President (1983-1985). He is also a member of the board of the Middle East Media Research Institute.

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