Regalism, Revolution, the Reign of Terror Part 08 - Grace, Free Will, the Missions, Jansenism, Protestant Naturalism - Part 3 of 3

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Dr. John Rao discusses Protestant Naturalism. The problem of the Missions also was central to the developments tackled by Dr. Rao in these three lectures. China loomed especially large in the Jesuit-Jansenist-Naturalist debate. Did China prove that a non-religious society could prosper? Did China have to be conquered by a grace that ignored its local customs? Were the Jesuits "back-door" naturalists? These were issues discussed by the general public of the 1700's. Taken from: Regalism, Revolution, the Reign of Terror and the Assault on Catholicism (1648-1799) - 1998 VonHildebrand Institute

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