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In this three-part series, "Homer," Father Richard Munkelt discusses Homer for Christians; Simone Weil and Homer on War and Peace, and Might vs Right; and Homer and Human Suffering - Penelope.

Homer for Christians
St. Irenaeus spoke of "seeds of the Logos" indicating the good of God's Creation among the pagans. Father Richard Munkelt talks in this lecture of Homer's writings and how he can be shown to point towards God and Christianity.

Simone Weil and Homer on War and Peace, and Might vs Right
Father Richard Munkelt continues his discussion of Homer for Christians by showing how Homer's writings inspire meditation on many of the great themes of Christian morality. He uses writings of Simone Weil in order to study Homer's attitude towards war, peace, and justice.

Homer and Human Suffering - Penelope
The kind of Christian-friendly themes that Homer evokes in the Odyssey differ from those in the Iliad. Father Richard Munkelt explores Homer's treatment of the redemptive character of suffering, perseverance, and education.

Taken from: Early Christianity and Late Antiquity - 1993 VonHildebrand Institute

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