Defending Life from the Catacombs - Humanae Vitae in the Age of the Laity - Monterey 2014

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Dissidents have spawned widespread confusion by turning Catholic teaching upside down. For fifty years and more the bishops' conference has advocated a liberal political agenda as though it were binding on all the faithful. Meanwhile, many bishops admit that they have simply failed to preach the Church's magisterial teaching of Humanae Vitae. Referring to contemporary examples, this presentation highlights the rights of the laity to take the lead in temporal affairs and urges the bishops to return to the exercise of their proper authority _ _ to teach all the truths of the faith, even the hard parts, and to follow Canon Law with regard to purveyors of flagrant and public scandal. Dr. Christopher Manion, Humanae Vitae in the Age of the Laity - Latin Mass Conference, Monterey, CA, 2014.

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