Not Going Our Way: Catholic Policy and the Inevitability of the Present State - from How to Make America REALLY Great Again- Monterey 2017

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The History of American Catholic Officials is a politically feeble one. From the founding of the American republic, Catholic Church officials have adopted a policy of assimilation with, and allegiance to, the non-Catholic majority and secularist state. With the exception of a very few bishops, this accommodationist policy has been carried down to this very day. Another word for assimilation is submission. After more than two centuries, how have Catholics fared in their relentless campaign for acceptance and, in this age of political realignment, might serious Catholics reconsider their position in the so-called "city upon a hill?" Steve O'Brien is a history professor and writes the popular Dr. O's Blog, "Greetings From a Better Age!" (www.gfaba com). He also has a video series called "The Doctor and the Father" at Dr. O's Channel on YouTube. He is a brilliant longtime writer for The Latin Mass magazine; he brings a historic perspective to our conference.

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