Our Glorious Popes: Part 04 - Pope St. Zachary

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Pope Saint Zachary (741 A.D. - 752A.D.) "Our Glorious Popes" is a ten-part series. Listening to Our Glorious Popes will refresh your appreciation of grace in the lives of men in all times and places. Meet some of the first Popes to follow Saint Peter in giving their lives in testimony to the Truth of the Faith. The great and often sainted Vicars of Christ have led the Church in times of political and social upheaval; they fought heresy and ignorance; they changed the face of Europe and the world. This audio book is a marvelous gift for families on-the-go, for sons and daughters and grandchildren who face an often hostile world in college or the work place. To help establish the Reign of Christ the King in our neo-pagan world, this is a giant step forward.

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