Protestant Rebellion and Catholic Reform - Album

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In this sixteen-part series, "Protestant Rebellion and Catholic Reform," Dr. John Rao takes a look at many aspects of the rise of Protestantism and the Church's response to the greatest crisis in her history up to that point- The Council of Trent and its aftermath.

01 - The Desperate Plight of a Vibrant Catholicism
Dr. John Rao describes the desperate plight of a vibrant Catholicism in the late 1400s and early 1500s.

02 - Luther, Zwingli, and the Birth of Protestantism - I
Dr. John Rao describes the two great Protestant reformers, Luther and Zwingli, and the birth of Protestantism.

03 - Luther, Zwingli, and the Birth of Protestantism - II
Dr. John Rao explains that Luther and Zwingli's emphasis upon Faith and Scripture alone immediately gave birth to differences of viewpoint and encouraged the growth of still more radical Protestant sects.

04 - The Catholic Awakening
Dr. John Rao discusses the Catholic awakening to the Protestant assault.

05 - The Origins of the Council - 1518-1545
Dr. John Rao discusses origins of the Council, 1518-1545.

06 - Confessionalization and Protestant Division
One major problem with the Protestants is that their own divisions became more and more permanent.

07 - The Council of Trent - I
The first of these two talks by Dr. John Rao deals with the beginning sessions, the basic decision to deal with both doctrinal and pastoral questions simultaneously, and the quarrels pitting Charles V against the Protestants on the one hand and the Popes on the other.

08 - The Council of Trent - II
The Third session of the Council of Trent was the biggest session, France finally taking part in the deliberations. The Jesuits also played a major role for the first time.

09 - Tridentine Reform
The Tridentine reform involved practically every sphere of Church and social life.

10 - The Tridentine Task
Dr. John Rao describes the work that had to be done by the Papacy in the episcopacy and in the religious orders between 1517-1648.

11 - Obstacles to Reform in Catholic Lands
Reform was not easy, Dr. John Rao shows, even in Catholic lands. Monarchs often felt threatened in their power, Spain and Portugal preventing much papal activity in the missions in particular.

12 - The Eastern Churches and Tridentine Reform
Each period of reform in the Church brings with it the hope of reunion with the Eastern Churches, and Dr. John Rao shows that the Tridentine Reform era was no exception.

13 - Obstacles to Reform in the Lowlands and France
The situation in the Lowlands was troubled by its corrupt Church and the political struggle of certain cities and noblemen against a Spanish domination which was also trying to reform things.

14 - Obstacles to Tridentine Reform in Germany
Tridentine reform in Germany, Dr. John Rao explains, was both brilliant and contested.

15 - The Attack on Protestant and Catholic Confessions - I
Dr. John Rao discusses the clash of the different Catholic and Protestant communities and creeds which were formalized in the 1500s and 1600s.

16 - The Attack on Protestant and Catholic Confessions - II
Venice and Holland are shown to be places where politically-motivated discussions of how to tame religion and subject it to a broader and more secular outlook thrive.

Taken from: Protestant Rebellion and Catholic Reform (1517-1648) - 1997 Von Hildebrand Institute

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