Sunday Question and Answer Session - from Has the Final Battle Begun?: Monterey 2016

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Sunday Question and Answer Session Father Joseph Illo, Father Brian Harrison, O.S., Christopher A. Ferrara, Esq., and Mr. Robert Reilly answer a wide range of questions about the themes and topics addressed in the 2016 Monterey Conference including Islam, the Catholic Muslim dialogue, radicalization of young muslims, Fatima, Marriage, Divorce, the Kaspar Proposal, the Mass. Father Harrison addresses the questions raised by the Pope's recent off-the-cuff comments on contraception and the Zika virus - and appeals for us to write to the USCCB to clarify the unchanging teaching on the absolute immorality of contraception. Do we have to undertake a process of discrediting the output of this papacy? The sheer volume of the material that coming out is of concern. Can a broad mental reservation be grounds for nullity in a marriage vow? The message of Our Lady at La Sallet is very clear on how offended God is by blasphemy and the violations of the Sabbath. The prophecies of Akita have been approved. Socci's book is a 90 page open-letter to the Pope, and the Pope answered him, thanking him for the criticisms. Answers to the challenge that Humane Vitae is not a dogma, it is a part of the second object of infallibility in regards to the "ex cathedra" status of its teaching on contraception. Taking in the entire 2000 year history of the ordinary magisterium, the teaching on contraception is certainly part of this infallible teaching.

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