Regalism, Revolution, the Reign of Terror Part 11 - The Assault on the Church Universal

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Dr. John Rao describes the assault on the Church Universal over politics, society, education, and in internal affairs in the 17th and 18th centuries. Dr. Rao now explains that the same Grand Coalition, either as a whole, or through the actions of some of its specific members, struck at the power of the Church over politics, society, education, as well as her own internal affairs throughout Christendom after 1750. Anti-Catholic reforms were undertaken everywhere before the Revolution, though the most famous were those pushed through in Hapsburg and Iberian controlled lands. A secularized Europe was coming into being long before the Estates-General met in 1789. Taken from: Regalism, Revolution, the Reign of Terror and the Assault on Catholicism (1648-1799) - 1998 VonHildebrand Institute

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