The Bible, the Church and Theological virtues - 5 sermons by Father Kenneth Baker, S.J.

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Father Kenneth Baker, S.J., gives a homily in which he speaks of how the Bible is a text inspired by God, entrusted to the Church for the nurturing and guidance of Christian life. Father Baker then speaks concerning the Revelation of Faith through the Bible and the Church's role in the interpretation and understanding of it, as well as the role of Revelation in our Salvation. In the third sermon, Father Baker talks about the distinction of the the Three Theological Virtues and expounds more thoroughly the role of Faith in our lives and its importance to our Salvation. In the fourth, Father Baker speaks about the role of Hope in the Salvation of man; its role in our lives as well as the difference between natural and supernatural Hope. Finally, Father Baker goes over the distinction between supernatural Love and our earthly love. The inherent differences and the extreme importance of Love in our lives.

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