The Conference Sunday Mass Sermon - from Has the Final Battle Begun?: Monterey 2016

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Lent is a ongoing battle against the World the Flesh and the Devil, but especially the Devil who has declared war on God and His Children. In the Gospel of the third week of Lent we see Our Lord driving the devil out of a mute man. Most people rejoiced in this exorcism, but some accused Jesus with collaborating with Beelzebub. A demon is a strong man fully armed, who is assailed by a stronger man (Jesus Himself) who is driven out - and Jesus leaves us nothing but the choice - God or Nothing - you are either with Him or against Him. St Paul excoriates those who want to have it both ways - we can't have Jesus and impurity - and the media is one of the most pervasive sources of suggestive, silly, filthy, impure and offensive images and words. With God it is possible to avoid this "filth" as Pope Emeritus Benedict called it. Every bishop today must today be a reforming bishop, every priest a reforming priest. It is not enough to simply carry out your duties, but you must be saints working to clean up your lives and the culture. Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and keep it.

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