These Ruins are Inhabited - The Intolerance of Modern Science - The Roman Forum Gardone 2008

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Dr. David Berlinski reckons with the scientific system of belief. The great physicists of our age assert that the rational man is atheist. Dr. Berlinski responds that the scope of science is the material universe. The scientific method cannot elucidate the basis of spiritual reality; it cannot describe the dimensions or nature of the soul. The central axiom of Darwinian Evolutionary Theory- that through the eons of time, simple organisms became progressively more complex– is not adequate to describe the human experience. Since the discovery of DNA, intensive genomic studies have not revealed the molecular or systemic basis for transcendent biological phenomena– perhaps most notably, the human intellect and capacity for spirituality. Yet, Intelligent design is anathema to the scientific system of belief. Truly, the origins of life are a complete scientific mystery.

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