Ten Commandments - 9 Sermons by Fr. Baker, S.J.

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In a series of sermons given at weekly Sunday Masses, Father Kenneth Baker, S.J., preaches on the Ten Commandments.

1. Father Baker begins his talk on the Ten Commandments. He speaks of the First Commandment with regard to Atheism and the Worship of God

2. Father Baker talks of the Second Commandment concerning reverence for God and His Holy Name.

3. Father Baker speaks of the Third Commandment and the importance of keeping Holy the Lord's Day.

4. Father Baker speaks of the Fourth Commandment and the respect and honor due to our Parents as well as the importance of Family Life and Community.

5. Father Baker talks on the Fifth Commandment and the serious importance of Human Life.

6. Father Baker speaks to us on the Sixth Commandment and the Sins and Temptations against it, present so often to us in our day.

7. Father Baker talks on the Seventh Commandment and respect for property of others and the right of ownership.

8. Father Baker talks to us concerning the Eighth Commandment and about the manipulation of truth.

9. Father Baker tells us of the Ninth and Tenth Commandments and their role in Christian life. The need to be wary of our thoughts, as well as our actions.

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