These Ruins are Inhabited - The Tyranny of Liberalism - The Roman Forum Gardone 2008

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The Catholic author, Mr. James Kalb, labors to uncover the rational precepts of liberalism. According to the governing principles of liberalism, politics, social life and morality exist to serve men’s desires. In the liberal system, what is good is simply what is desired; it follows then that all desires are equally good- a position at stark odds with the basic principles of Catholicism. True freedom is found In Catholicism; the liberal movement, with its emphasis on reason, freedom, and progress, has produced a population that is stripped of individuality and oppressed. The antidote to liberalism, Mr. Kalb argues, is to restore in the population a love for the Good, the True and the Beautiful. Mr. Kalb further explores these ideas in his new book entitled, The Tyranny of Liberalism.

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