2020 Monterey Conference: Amoris Laetitia: An in-Depth Look, Part 2

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Fr. Mastroeni continues his analysis of "Amoris Laetetia" by going into greater depth on the significance of second marriages outside of the Church. Fr. Mastroeni offers several helpful examples between the religious healing found in the state of grace and the medical necessity of bodily health. He shows how a priest who does not educate his parishioners on the indissolubility of Marriage, is like a doctor who does not explain the necessary medicines to his patient. Furthermore, Fr. Mastroeni explains how if a person is publicly against Catholic doctrine, such as Her teachings on Abortion they can be refused Holy Communion. Fr. Mastroeni uses this teaching to show how it is a priests duty to educate his congregation on the sanctity of marriage. Fr. finishes his lecture with the beautiful story of Laura Vičuna who was beatified by Pope Saint John Paul II.

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